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January 12, 2010
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Abrahel by GENZOMAN Abrahel by GENZOMAN
A comissioned work I've done by mid of 2009. well, I think I'm keeping on the demon/creature thing for a while, I found a lot of works I done in the past based on that theme, so I will upload it soon :) DOWNLOAD for a bigger version.

PSCS/Bamboo/7hours/Music: Feint-epica

Let´s Wikiattack!
Abrahel is a demon, whose characteristics are associate with nocturnal spirits denominated succubus. The name began to acquire certain popularity when the demonologist Nicholas described it to Remy in its Demonolatria (1581). It always takes the form from a high woman and delicate forms, but it cannot completely hide his demonic nature, since if she approaches closer enough of him, will notice that an awful and nauseous stench shoot of his skin.

In the legend of the shepherd, Abrahel conquered to a shepherd called Pierrot in 1581 in a village to borders of the Mosela. Abrahel was delivered to the shepherd in exchange for the life of the son of this one, that killed him with a poisoned apple. When occurring Pierrot account of its complicity in the subject was hopeless. Abrahel appeared promising the resurrection to him again of the dead if he were adored like God. Thus Pierrot did and adored to Abrahel and so his son returned but with one semblance dismal. To the year the demon left the body of the boy who thundered against key shooting a great stench. He was buried of hidden form.

BYW, thanks to :iconreinadelascebollas: for help me to fix my transcription.
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SelinaKat Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Amazing. <3
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Gorgeous hair! Gorgeous face! Gorgeous... well, everything. ;)
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Mircall Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Did you knwon that Abrahel was also the character of a French novel?
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swette and hot succubus
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inspiring work
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Man, i'd give up any religion at that point. Great stuff.
Ezra-J Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Siempre he pensaso que los sucubos lo inventaron los pervertidos de la iglesia para justificarse de sus actos perversos y tener la excusa de que un ser que no se puede ver es el culpable...vaya mierda!!! por cierto buena imagen
Pabloibaceta Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
possibly it should be but I'm sorry the priest (pardon my English)
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¡Oh! había pensado en eso.Pero visto lo visto...seguramente tengas razón.
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