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February 14, 2006
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Bodisatva by GENZOMAN Bodisatva by GENZOMAN
A Priestess of buda, Bodisatva give is life for ilumination. based on description of for Myths & Legends TCG
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oliverkirkland16 Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love this and actually high priestesses did look like this because budda says to rid of worldly possessions so being like that its correct for his enlightenment because only the sinners ones would see this as vulgar while those at the highest dogmas do not care if they are naked or clothed.
This is how a priestess of Buddha is supposed to look like:



A priestess of Buddha is NOT supposed to be scantily clad.
Excuse me, but mikos (like Reimu and priestresses of Touhou universe) aren't Buddish but Shinto´st, which isn't the same thing at all.
So, a buddhist priestress DOES NOT look like Reimu.
Here's a picture of how Buddhist priests look like:
(Priestress is on the right.)

I also wanted to say that this art is beautiful.
1-File Not found, can't see the picture.

2-First of all, I'm a Westerner who has never been to Japan and only know about Japan from watching anime and Japanese movies. Nobody can really explain to me what "Shinto" is supposed to be, but from what I can gather on Wikipedia and other sources, Shinto IS Buddhism, or at least a branch of it. It's like Wicca and paganism, or Catholicism and Christinianity: even when people make distinctions, they are the same to me.

Second, when I write Touhou Reviews, I don't write Gensyoko as being in one particular country. In Touhou Reviews, Gensyoko is wether the plot calls for it to be: it can be in Japan, in Argentina, in Ireland, in the U.S.A., in Canada, and anywhere else on Earth. As such, I try to give the Touhous a more international flavor in order to emphasize that they can be from any given country at any given time. And that means I write Reimu as being more of a Buddhist priestess than a Shinto priestess, since Buddhism is more international while somehing like Shinto is more Japan-centric. I still call her a Shinto priestess (a miko) and she still performs the duties of a miko, but her beliefs and her personality match those of a Buddhist more.

So, I myself don't make such a disntinction, at least not when I'm writing Reimu.
Zetsubou-Ninja Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wooooah just want to clarify that Shinto is not Buddhism. 
Shinto is a purely japanese "religion" revolving around the japanese gods and folklore and myths of various villages before japan's unification.
Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha in rejection to the Vedic religion of India. He was enlightened that enlightenment comes from not wanting, asceticism, a type of self deprecation/self harm popular in Vedism as a path to enlightenment, could not lead to enlightenment because ascetics WANT enlightenment. He became known as the Buddha. (not those fat bellied "buddha" u see in chinese restaurants). He specifically did not want to be known as a God but that did not stop people from believing him to be divine. All reincarnations of the buddha are buddha stavas before they reach enlightenment. So basically these two religions are COMPLETELY  different. 
This is yet another consequence of replying to stuff I've written a year after I've written it.

In the time between then and now, I made a sincere effort to learn more about Shinto and now I portray Reimu as a Shinto priestess more accurately instead of just making her a Buddhist.

Ergo, your complain is kind of useless now.

This is the equivalent of someone right now writing to Doug to complain about the Mako joke in his "TMNT" review.
I've never been to Japan too, I only search lots of time to find differences between religions, 'cause I've heard from friends that was different.

In fact, in the French Wikipedia article, it is said that Shinto isn't Buddhism. The term "Shinto" appeared to differentiate the old religion to Buddhism "imported" in Japan in the fifth century.

Yet I truly understand, thanks to your explanations, your statement. Thank you for giving me your point of view. Sorry if I appeared agressive in any way, that wasn't the case.

I have to deal with the likes of lorellashray and Hopie-chan on a regular basis. THEY are aggressive. You aren't.

You are kind, gentle, polite, intelligent and open-minded. In no way you appeared aggressive to me.

If lorellashray was half as educated and open-minded as you are, I would think of her as an annoying and obnoxious troll.

I appreciate that you can undestand my point of view, and it was a pleasure talking to you.

If you want, check out my gallery to read my Touhou Reviews, they are loads of fun! :)
That's very good then! :3
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