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October 30, 2013
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Enchantress Arcane Power by GENZOMAN Enchantress Arcane Power by GENZOMAN
HI guys! there is another image done for Marvel War of heroes! :)
Happy Halloween :)
Colors by: :icongenzoman:
Lineart by: :iconstekichikun:
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she seems very amused by pumpkins...
RainbowFay Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That enchantress looks like she having an orgasm.XD
 Awesome,gorgeous and very sexy! :drool:  Artwork,colors and shadows mix are great! :winner:
Great Image - " as usual"  Senor Genzoman - you are really a great Artist in South America - like Al Rio had been etc..and unique like Ernie (Chua)  Chan was (  Marvel Conan) sad that he passed away as well..
 I really "love this Asgardian Witch by the Dark Pits of Utgard ! - It is also a good Marvel Character brought to new live by Stan Lee & Co. - as I really love how Marvel brought the Viking and old German Gods of Asgard
back to new Life and visualize it in "Tales of Asgard" etc..most of all I did like John Buscemas Art on that still in the more distant Past... it was marvelous as well.
You really love Mythology - do you ??! Most of all I love your Images about Japanese Mythology as I as a Samurai & Jap. History-Culture Fan love this Mythology very much as well - Jap.-Shinto Mythology is very
unique . All I cannot recall is that you have made an Image about HACHIMAN as well - as you did a real good about Amaterasu -o-mi- kami but I cannot remember your Hachiman Picture in the moment.
Fact is you are one of the most busy Artist and most Productive Artists on Earth this is A VERY Great and total remarkable Achivement as well another is that you are perhaps the only Artist on Earth who has
drawn-painted the most Mythologycal Gods and Creatures, Beings etc....ever from almost all more or less important Cultures on Earth - missing mainly perhaps a few of the North American Natives like for example
Iya - the Witch - of the Teton-Lakota - but nonetheless your Mythologiy Graphic Work is Outstanding even today in Truth and another BIG Achievement ! Thanks for that Work - as it enriches the World - as well as
your unique Drawing Style of course. Thanks a lot for your Images...and greet me Stan Lee if you possibly
Have a good Advent y Felices Navidades de Ano 2013 y mucho Fortuna por sus Arte !

All kind regards send  - Sashimono/Markus H. -
Bremen Alemania

Layman Military Historian, Layman Comic Art Expert and Realistic Art Fan
Erotics and Erotic Art Fan
<font><font>Куто нарисовано!!!</font></font>
Her face is kinda like the "Awwwwww yeah!" meme xD
locofuria Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Un excelente dibujo
J4B Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting face expression there.
me encantan las chicas malas :love: 
nov11 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
soooooooooooo awesome man great work of art 
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