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April 14, 2011
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Erinyes by GENZOMAN Erinyes by GENZOMAN
Una imagen hecha para FNX :)
"El destino de las furias ha sido dictado,
se han transformado en las guardianas del Tártaro."
Hi there guys! this image was done a long time ago into a livestream, maybe you remember it if you where there :)
ok, don´t loose time! ...

Let´s Wikiattack!

In Greek mythology the Erinnýes (Ἐρινύες, pl. of Ἐρινύς, Erinýs; literally "the angry ones") or Eumenídes (Εὐμενίδες, pl. of Εὐμενίς; literally "the gracious ones" but also translated as "Kind-hearted Ones" or "Kindly Ones"), or Furies or Dirae in Roman mythology, were female chthonic deities of vengeance, or supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath". Burkert suggests they are "an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath".

When the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitalia into the sea, the Erinyes emerged from the drops of blood, while Aphrodite was born from the crests of seafoam. According to variant accounts, they emerged from an even more primordial level—from Nyx, "Night". Their number is usually left indeterminate. Virgil, probably working from an Alexandrian source, recognized three: Alecto ("unceasing", who appeared in Virgil's Aeneid), Megaera ("grudging"), and Tisiphone ("avenging murder"). Dante followed Virgil in depicting the same three-charactered triptych of Erinyes; in Canto IX of the Inferno they confront the poets at the gates of the city of Dis. The heads of the Erinyes were wreathed with serpents (compare Gorgon) and their eyes dripped with blood, rendering their appearance rather horrific. Other depictions show them with the wings of a bat or bird and the body of a dog.

THE ERINYES were three netherworld goddesses who avenged crimes against the natural order. They were particularly concerned with homicide, unfilial conduct, crimes against the gods, and perjury. A victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the Erinys upon the criminal. The most powerful of these was the curse of the parent upon the child--for the Erinyes were born of just such a crime, being sprung from the blood of Ouranos, when he was castrated by his son Kronos.

The wrath of the Erinyes manifested itself in a number of ways. The most severe of these was the tormenting madness inflicted upon a patricide or matricide. Murderers might suffer illness or disease; and a nation harbouring such a criminal, could suffer dearth, and with it hunger and disease. The wrath of the Erinyes could only be placated with the rite ritual purification and the completion of some task assigned for atonement.

The goddesses were also servants of Haides and Persephone in the underworld where they oversaw the torture of criminals consigned to the Dungeons of the Damned.

The Erinyes were similar to if not the same as the Poinai (Retaliations), Arai (Curses), Praxidikai (Exacters of Justice) and Maniai (Madnesses).

PSCS3/Bamboo/6hours/Music: Katra - Tietäjä
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viciousmischief Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Your art is absolutely amazing, but I also really enjoy that you include the myths behind them. I'm a huge Greek and Roman Mythology fan, but I've learned a couple new stories from your art :) Again, amazing job, and I love the amount of detail you put into it, especially the expressions, and that you never skimp on the background.
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Those chains better be strong to hold these killer queens.Like those wings.
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Well, they are still mostly beautiful, if you passover the fiendish features.
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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Nice...! Diabolically awesome!
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wow... as always...
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This has been featured in my journal here: [link]
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