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August 7, 2006
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Another old commissioned work, I tried to repeat the atmosphere of an old oil paint.


I been asked for bigger version of this old work (was done in April of 2005 as a cover for a metal band... whoa, time goes fast :D). I also corrected some details that bugged me on the right arm, to be included in the new art book :)

PSCS/Grapphire2/12 hours + 1 hour of edit/music: Watermark - Enya.




A fairy (also faery, faerie, fay, fae; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, etc.) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural.

Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairy offers many definitions. Sometimes the term describes any magical creature, including goblins or gnomes: at other times, the term only describes a specific type of more ethereal creature.

One common theme found among the Celtic nations describes a race of diminutive people who had been driven into hiding by invading humans. They came to be seen as another race, or possibly spirits, and were believed to live in an Otherworld that was variously described as existing underground, in hidden hills (many of which were ancient burial mounds), or across the Western Sea.

In old Celtic fairy lore the sidhe (fairy folk) are immortals living in the ancient barrows and cairns. The Tuatha de Danaan are associated with several Otherworld realms including Mag Mell (the Pleasant Plain), Emain Ablach (the Fortress of Apples or the Land of Promise or the Isle of Women), and the Tir na ng (the Land of Youth).

The concept of the Otherworld is also associated with the Isle of Apples, known as Avalon in the Arthurian mythos (often equated with Ablach Emain). Here we find the Silver Bough that allowed a living mortal to enter and withdraw from the Otherworld or Land of the Gods. According to legend, the Fairy Queen sometimes offered the branch to worthy mortals, granting them safe passage and food during their stay.

One popular belief was that they were the dead, or some subclass of the dead. The Irish banshee (Irish Gaelic bean s or Scottish Gaelic bean shth, which both mean "fairy woman") is sometimes described as a ghost. The northern English Cauld Lad of Hylton, though described as a murdered boy, is also described as a household sprite like a brownie, much of the time a Barghest or Elf. One tale recounted a man caught by the fairies, who found that whenever he looked steadily at one, the fairy was a dead neighbor of his. This was among the most common views expressed by those who believed in fairies, although many of the informants would express the view with some doubts.

Another view held that the fairies were an intelligent species, distinct from humans and angels. In alchemy in particular they were regarded as elementals, such as gnomes and sylphs, as described by Paracelsus. This is uncommon in folklore, but accounts describing the fairies as "spirits of the air" have been found popularly.
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Wow...this fairy definitely rocks!
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I love this!!! 
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My eyes are seeing her legs as a tad large compared to the rest of her. My goodness, dem hips and thighs.
Awesome, I'd love this. thank you for uploading and etc,.
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Lovely, but the placement of the nipple on the fairy's left breast & the positioning of the bellybutton are a little off.
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Omgjust so jealous of the detail wish I could get my work so detailed!!
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