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April 30, 2010
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Izanami And Izanagi by GENZOMAN Izanami And Izanagi by GENZOMAN
A very old commission, arround 2006 or so, but back to life cause i found a lot of old Japanese myths on a DVD. hope you like it.
I think Izanami And Izanagi is a pretty cool guy. he creates islands and doesn't afraid of anything :p

Letīs wiki attack!


Izanami and Izanagi

In Japanese mythology the two deities Izanagi (The Male Who Invites) and Izanami (The Female Who Invites) are the creators of Japan and its gods. In one important myth, they descend to Yomitsu Kuni, the underworld and land of darkness.

According to legend, after their birth Izanagi and Izanami stood on the floating bridge of heaven and stirred the primeval ocean with a jeweled spear. When they lifted the spear, the drops that fell back into the water formed the first solid land, an island called Onogoro. Izanagi and Izanami descended to the island and became husband and wife. Their first child was deformed, and the other gods said it was because Izanami spoke before her husband at their marriage ceremony.

The couple performed another wedding ceremony, this time correctly. Izanami soon gave birth to eight lovely children, who became the islands of Japan. Izanagi and Izanami then created many gods and goddesses to represent the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, streams, winds, and other natural features of Japan. However, during the birth of Kagutsuchi, the fire god, Izanami was badly burned. As she lay dying, she continued to create gods and goddesses, and still other deities emerged from the tears of the grief-stricken Izanagi.

When Izanami died, she went to Yomi-tsu Kuni. Izanagi decided to go there and bring his beloved back from the land of darkness and death. Izanami greeted Izanagi from the shadows as he approached the entrance to Yomi. She warned him not to look at her and said that she would try to arrange for her release from the gods of Yomi. Full of desire for his wife, Izanagi lit a torch and looked into Yomi. Horrified to see that Izanami was a rotting corpse, Izanagi fled.

Angry that Izanagi had not respected her wishes, Izanami sent hideous female spirits, eight thunder gods, and an army of fierce warriors to chase him. Izanagi managed to escape and blocked the pass between Yomi and the land of the living with a huge boulder. Izanami met him there, and they broke off their marriage.

PSCS/Grapphire 3/music:Obokuri Eemui - Ikue Asazaki
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Awesome Job ^^
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well done really like this story :)
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IZANAGI!!!!! - Yu Narukami
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I love your myth pieces. Ever though about doing one for Susano'o? You already did one for Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi.
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The first gods of Shinto mythology and the creators of Japan
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Susanoo please XD
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