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May 10, 2011
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This is the new edit of an old pic, for Legendary Visions Artbook edited by :iconudoncrew: you can order it on amazon :)
Amazon USA: [link]

Also, 30 USD, Free shipping worldwide!!

Bamboo/PSCS/6hours/Music: Therion - Asgard

Let´s Wikiattack!

In Norse mythology, Loki ("wolf´s father") is a god or jötunn The son of two Giants, Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. He was so outrageously mischievous that he even sneaked his way into becoming a God. He was the first Anti-Hero, quick-witting his way out of the tight corners and confrontations caused by his misdeeds. But as time wore on he became increasingly nasty.

His first escapade was a very rampant romp. When the Gods were struggling to build Asgard, they found they'd run out of funds. Which is not surprising as money and banks hadn't been invented yet. All the basic construction had been completed but they needed a large protective wall. Loki came up with the plan of contracting a Giant to do the job. As payment, the Giant asked for the Sun and Moon and also the Goddess Freya if the work was completed to schedule. The Gods were not too sure. "Don't worry," advised Loki. "He'll never manage it on his own, even if he works night and day — and the deal will be off. We'll let him keep the wheelbarrow or something." Alas, the Giant was not on his own. He had a huge stallion called Svadilfari, which could haul boulders like there was no tomorrow. With three days to go, Freya was in distress and the Gods aghast. Now Loki, like fire and smoke, was a shape-changer, he changed himself into a mare and seduced the Giant's stallion. By whinnying and prancing off into the woods, Svadilfari was led far away from the stone pile. With his horse missing, the Giant didn't quite make the schedule. Seething with rage, he tried to take Freya by force, until Thor cracked his skull with his hammer.

Meanwhile Loki was having a fine old time frolicking in the fields. In fact he became pregnant, and decided to sample the joys of motherhood. He gave birth to a fine baby boy stallion with eight legs. He gave this as a gift to Odin and it was called Sleipnir. Loki was now well in with top God Odin and his son Thor, with whom he shared numerous adventures. Thor, the perfect fall guy, was persuaded to appear in drag as the prospective bride of a giant and other embarrassments. Thor could always be relied on to supply the muscle when corners became too tight for trickery.Loki had many run-ins with the dwarves, which he cheated at any opportunity until they stitched him up. Literally. They stitched his mouth shut, which kept him quiet for quite some time.

Loki never missed an opportunity to take advantage of any Goddess, despite already having had three wives. Glut who bore two daughters Einmyria and Eisa.Next was Angrboda, a giantess who spawned Fenrir the Giant Wolf, Jormungand the Earth-encircling Serpent, and Hel the Underworld Goddess. Finally there was his wife Sigyn, who produced their ill-fated sons Narvi and Vali.

Loki was seldom out of the Nordic News or the Sunday Runes. But his tricks came to an end after causing the death of Baldur. Loki is eventually bound by the gods with the entrails of one of his sons. A serpent drips venom from above him that his wife Sigyn collects into a bowl. However, Sigyn must empty the bowl when it is full, and the venom that drips in the mean time causes Loki to writhe in pain, thereby causing earthquakes. With the onset of Ragnarök, Loki is foretold to slip free from his bonds and to fight against the gods among the forces of the jötnar, at which time he will encounter the god Heimdallr and the two will slay each other.
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Its good, though. Not a good Loki, but...
dttb6296 Mar 2, 2014  New member
No I think it's pretty good actually.
Well an automatic pentakill for him.
alooooot more hardcore looking than avengers
Wow. Subtle. 
JackOfAllTrades2012 Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's up all night to get Loki :D
beautiful piece.
disneyfreak234 Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nononononononononononoRun Away 
disneyfreak234 Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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