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April 5, 2009
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Sunless Skies by GENZOMAN Sunless Skies by GENZOMAN
I Love the last album of Pathosray, ´cause of that when Phil (from Fairyland) talked me about the new project of the band I was happy and happier when Fabio invited me to do the cover of the new album, lol, I was in awe.

Saddly i fell on hospital a days latter. Fabio sent me the demo and the concept idea for Sunless skies, was great to work with him on it and the whole idea for the graphic part of the album (i collaborated too with the logo design, retouching it)... The demo was AWESOME!, but i was all wired in hospital XD. I think the tetrical medical atmosphere and that awesome tracks called Sons of the Sunless skies (my favorite!!) and Quantum Enigma, inspired me a lot to do this pic. So, I start and finish this pic on the hospital bed, fighting with the nurses who only wanted to take away my laptop because I use to work by night ("this guy have fever and he is singing metal" :p) and my doctor who didnt stop to ask me if i wanna to take an hour with the shrink, cause he saw the draw and thought i was depresed :p

so, pain+metal= yay! ;P

Check the myspace of the band and also the website!! there are samples of the music and the release dates!



PSCS/15 hours non consecutives/intuos 3/Music: Sons of the sunless skies - Pathosray

you can download for a bigger version :)
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Shay-Chan Sep 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is amazing!  i think the colors you chose realy help the atmosphere.
excelente trabajo
very depressing.
love it!
That's me on Tuesdays...I never could get the hang of Tuesday! :D
This kind of art reminds me HR Giger's works.
igarcia Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Ouch! You went all out with this one man. It's creepy but nice. Extreme but with a ton of art and talent.
Zak05 Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
KdotDdot May 26, 2012  Student General Artist
It reminds me of Pink Floyd.
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