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August 11, 2011
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Supay - Diablo by GENZOMAN Supay - Diablo by GENZOMAN
LEGENDARY VISIONS IS AVAILABLE NOW! in a store near to you and amazon! is a compilation artbook of all the mythological images you see here on my deviantart gallery! 200 pages of images and more! I have the honor that legendary visions is the 100th book edited by udon studios :) (I got a cut for each book sell, so please buy it XD) Thanks!
Back from Dibujona convention in Antofagasta-Chile! thanks a lot to the guys there for the great time :). This time a myth from the north of Chile, Peru and Bolivia: The Supay, El Diablo, The Devil. Done in a Livestream the last year :) hope you like it.

PSCS3/bamboo/7hours/Music: Susurro - Perumanta/Quilapayún


OK, Lets Wikiattack!
In the Aymara and Inca mithologies, Supay or Zupay was both the god of death and ruler of the Uca Pacha, the Incan underworld, as well as a race of demons. Supay is associated with miners' rituals.

With the Spanish colonization of the Americas, Christian priests used the name "Supay" to refer to the Christian Devil ("el Diablo"). However, unlike Europeans in relation to the Christian Devil, "the indigenous people did not repudiate Supay but, being scared of him, they invoked him and begged him not to harm them".

Supay acquired a syncretic symbolism, becoming a main character of the "diabladas" of ´Bolivia (seen in the Carnaval de Oruro), Peru, noth of Chile other Andean countries. The name Supay is now roughly translated into "diablo" (devil) in most Southern American countries. In some of them, for example the northern region of Argentina, the underworld where Supay rules, is called "Salamanca".

In some areas of Peru, the Quechuan people continue the tradition of the Supay dance at Mamacha Candicha which roughly translates as "The flame virgin" and is a festival with dancing lasting up to two weeks. However, the dance of the Supay may be performed for tourists on other occasions not necessarily related to Mamacha Candicha.
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