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October 18, 2012
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The Saga of The Dragon Star - The Keln Dominion by GENZOMAN The Saga of The Dragon Star - The Keln Dominion by GENZOMAN
Hi there guys! this is another image I done time ago for The Dragon Star Saga, this time the bad guys from the Keln Dominion. The dragon star saga is a mix between western and fantasy setting, so this was a really fun project to me , I love western and fantasy :D There goes also the cover i done for this project :) I hope you like it

PSCS4/bamboo/9hours/music:Man with Harmonica - Once upon a time in the west
Man with Harmonica - Once upon a time in the west

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The Keln Dominion is the principal antagonist of The Saga of Dragon Star campaign setting. A powerful empire that is slowly conquering the free realms of the world, the Keln Dominion is empowered by forgotten dark magics blended with their growing industrial technologies and weaponry.

The Dominion believes their mission is to save the world from the enslavement of their savage past by freeing them from superstitious, magical traditions through the advancement of knowledge and technology. They instill this ideology through the spread of their new religion, a worship of the Serpent God Vatara. Opponents of the new religion, along with holders of ancient, "pagan" ways are punished through public torture and execution.

Below is a teaser of several Keln adversaries (illustration by Genzoman). They are as follows:

NIGHT APOSTLE: Missionaries of Vatara. They lead religious persecutions, inquisitions, and evangelical missions into newly conquered (or soon-to-be conquered) realms. They have many strange and disturbing powers, and some even have the ability to transform into serpents. Those who are blessed by Vatara begin to take on the aspects of serpents.

SHADOW SLINGER: Blending dark sorcery with gunslinging, the shadow slinger is an elite gunman trained by the Dominion as assassins, bodyguards, and enforcers. They gain their name from their proficiency with shadow magic—an ancient form of sorcery long believed to have its origins in demon worship. They have the ability to send their bullets around—and even through—cover. The more proficient of their ilk even have the dreaded shadow voodoo ability, allowing them to shoot a target by taking aim at his shadow.

BOUNTY HUNTER: The Keln Dominon often employs bounty hunters in pursuit of its enemies, or to kidnap those with unique magical gifts who live beyond their sprawling empire. Their most favored bounty hunter is from the Order of Nabarus, a secret society that trains minotaurs who are proficient with specialized gatling guns and who are single-minded in their pursuits.

OUTLAW: Outlaws of other realms often become the hired thugs and mercenaries of the Dominion.

DARCATHIAN LEGIONNAIRE: Though now a province of the Dominion, the human kingdom of Darcathia was once renowned for its warriors. Putting up a tremendous fight against Keln before finally submitting to her rule, Darcathia earned the admiration of its conquerors, and consequently, the Darcathian Legionnaire has become their most prolific and ubiquitious footsoldier. Wearing armor made from the bones of the satara beast (found only in the hills and deep woods of Darcathia), the legionnaire is renowned for skill in both rifle and blade.
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Thedeadcontinent Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Professional Writer
shadow shot. dang thought i came up with that one. oh well.gj
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seriously good stuff
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Absolutely amazing!!
Your artworks are ever very well done!!
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Cool drawing but u realize that any form of politics, religion, business or fame can turn from good to bad by weak hearts but not the concept of good itself and u portray the Church evil? just an inquiry
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look like the CFH (Cowboys From Hell-PanterA)!!!!
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