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WOW man the artwork is off the hook I See ur lookin for more asian Myth and Figures U can look up these Guys

Yagyu Jubei
Tadakatsu Honda
Nobunaga Oda aka the Demon King

Cao Cao
Sun tzu
Guan Yu

Alexander the great
atilla The Hun
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Those pictures are great!! One question though.. I looked through all Myth section pictures and wondered... "Why there's no Hercules anywhere?" When you talk about Greek Mythology, most of people immediately think "Hercules/Heracles" but it may be that I have bit biased tastes.
I'd love to see your version of the greek god Dionysus ! The myths section is really interesting, good quality and interesting (I learnt new things thanks to you ^^)

Keep up the good work
I was thinking you could do some awesome Norse gods maybe. Like Odin =D?

Keep up the amazing artwork!
I have a request in the Myth section, please.

It would be : -Susano'o, japanese god of the Storm and third in the trio Amaterasu, Susano'o, Tsukuyomi
-Nemesis, greck goddess of vengeance
-Shiva, as a ff summon or as an hindu god

Thanks a lot ! And your myth pics are very good, it's hard to find pics with such quality and beauty.
I done a pic of Jubei, alexander, atila and oda nobunaga a long time ago.
gonna see if i can found them :)
Do you have a Gilgamesh
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