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I noticed one thing i would missing that i think you would do a great job on. the 5 Beast from Japanese (or Chinese depending on the names used)
ShenLong? (Golden Dragon)

Beautiful artwork I must say.
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If you can make an Ariadne art from the Inception movie, will be cool.
Your gallery is the most impressive I ever seen in deviantart.
I have to agree with DragonRed, I have become a fan of your art style myself, and find myself browsing your galleries over and over and over again.

I do a lot of online RPing, and develop many interesting character concepts, one of which was actually inspired by a peace of your artwork.

My point being, what would it cost to have a commission done based on a character I've personally created? I'd be willing to give as much descriptive detail as needed, but in the end I would enjoy it if you would put your own artistic touch on the character.

Feel free to message me, or respond to this - to discuss how I would go about getting that set up. If money is put into question, I would gladly pay for your work.
Im sure your a busy man. But to see your versions of Art of Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, things like that would be cool to see in your art style. I also love Ah My Goddess if you ever doodle that, that would be cool

I am most definatly a fan for life of your work Genzo! Keep it comming.

Also have you thought of prints on T-Shirts?

With the art on the front and your GENZOMAN logo on the back? I bet you could make some cash. I know there are some sites out there that will allow your prints on T-Shirts. The buyer selects the print they want then that company prints it and mails it, then puts money in your account. think about it. I would buy quite a few if you did that.
dhu-jv May 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
INVASION !!!! from MYL the best works ever are from that edition.. please upload
helena de esparta
paris de troya
artemisa de halicarnaso

the best ever!!
Thanks a lot!, sheng long is done, also byako, hope o found them and upload soon :)
i cannot seem to find them in your gallery? maybe i am looking wrong.
Not uploaded yet, Im looking for the files :)
oh i though that you meant they were in your gallery already. still great work none the less.
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